Mar 23, 2010

Shave it & Break it

Shave it & Break it

As per the Guinness World Records, currently India holds the World Record of 1,868 shaves done simultaneously. The Guinness recorded this event as the biggest in the history of shaving world.

Gillette Pakistan limited wishes to answer this with the intention to make it "bigger, better and smoother" i.e. 2,500 plus men helping Pakistan's name appear in the record book.

Participate enthusiastically to bring glory to Pakistan!

Besides bringing glory to Pakistan's name, you will be getting:

• Free new Gillette Mach 3;
• Chance to win iPods and Cash Vouchers;
• Lunch and
• the smoothest shave ever!

Requirement for successful World Record:

At the start signal, apply shaving cream/gel to your beard/ mustache/ jaw and then proceed to shave it all off in atleast 5 razor strokes.

Terms & Conditions for Registration:

• Beat the rush, be on time
• Bring your CNIC/Student Card and Register at the Venue
• Each participant must have atleast 24 hours of stubble

Source: Karachi Metblogs

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  1. thats the way to make muslims do things which they shouldnt be doing. Stop posting such blogs...this is not a competition to be in.


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