Mar 22, 2010

Tanzeem-e-Islami declares Zaid Hamid "DOUBTFUL"

Subject: LATEST: Tanzeem-e-Islami declares Zaid Hamid "DOUBTFUL"

Bismillah wal hamdolillah wa assalatu wa assalam ala rasool-illah.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamoalaikum wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhu,

Zaid Hamid has been misusing names of different Ulemaa and by showing his photographs with them, his teams under different cloaks try to prove that Ulemaa support him.

By the grace of Allah s.w.t., Dr.Israr's Tanzeem-e-Islam has issue a latest press release on March 17, 2010 clearly stating:

1. Yousuf Ali was a Kazzab and a Wajib-ul-Qatal Murtad.

2. Zaid Hamid is a doubtful person and day by day, he is growing more doubtful.

3. Tanzeem-e-Islami has nothing to do with Zaid Hamid's movement, and

4. Zaid Hamid has been speaking inappropriate words against Ulemaa.

Latest release on Zaid Hamid by Dr. Israr calling him "doubtful person"

My brothers and sisters, please wake up. We all love Pakistan and Islam, we do not need a Faasiq and a doubtful person to tell us this fact. For sake of Allah, believe us and for sake of Allah, please read the LATEST (given above) release by Tanzeem.

May Allah s.w.t. reward you for your efforts. Please remember your brothers in Dua' for our protection in fight against Fitnah.

Wa sallaho ta'ala ala khair-e-khalqihi mohammadin wa ala aal-e-hi wa assahabihi ajmaeen wal hamdolillah rabbil alameen

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