Jun 8, 2011

America is using Chemical Munitions in Drone attack on Pakistan

TEHRAN, June 8 -- Pakistani physicians and experts reported that the United States uses chemical munitions in its drone attacks on the country's civilians, Iran's Fars News Agency (FNA) said.

Given the fact that the Pakistani civilians who have come under the US drone attacks have been afflicted with different skin, optic and respiratory diseases, it can be concluded that Washington is using chemical weapons in its attacks in Pakistan, the physicians said.

"Since the missiles launched by the US drones contain dangerous chemical substances, a large number of the injured people in these attacks cannot be declared as dead or alive since they have been afflicted with complicated diseases due to the deadly chemical materials used in the missiles," a Pakistani physician, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told FNA.

Chemical warfare (CW) involves using the toxic properties ofchemical substances as weapons. This type of warfare is distinct from Nuclear warfare and Biological warfare, which together make up NBC, the military acronym for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (warfare or weapons). Neither of these falls under the term conventional weapons which are primarily effective due to their destructive potential. Chemical warfare does not depend uponexplosive force to achieve an objective. Rather it depends upon the unique properties of the chemical agent weaponized. A lethal agent is designed to injure or incapacitate the enemy, or deny unhindered use of a particular area of terrain. Defoliants are used to quickly kill vegetation and deny its use for cover and concealment. It can also be used against agriculture and livestock to promote hunger and starvation. With proper protective equipment, training, and decontamination measures, the primary effects of chemical weapons can be overcome. Many nations possess vast stockpiles of weaponized agents in preparation for wartime use. The threat and the perceived threat have become strategic tools in planning both measures, and counter–measures.

Another physician in one of the biggest hospitals in Peshawar also lamented that there is no complete information about the patients injured in the US drone attacks and transferred to the state hospitals in different cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Officials and political figures as well as the people in Pakistan are all furious at the US drone attacks on their country.

In April, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Chief Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha called for an end to Washington's air raids on Pakistan as well as an end to the US espionage operations in the country, asking Washington to pull its spies out of Pakistan.

The issue was raised by Shuja Pasha in a meeting with Leon Panetta, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Political observers say that if the US ignores Islamabad's above-mentioned demands, the Pakistani Army and the ISI will cut Islamabad's cooperation with the US.

US drone attacks have escalated in Northwest Pakistan since President Barack Obama took office. More than 100 raids were reported in the area last year.

The drone attacks arouse deep and broad anger within the Pakistani population against both the US and the Pakistani government.

Many Pakistani politicians and former officials have blasted the Islamabad government for its weak stances against the US and its drone attacks on innocent Pakistani people.

Source: Bernama

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Shahzad Afzal

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