Jun 9, 2011

Network - Pakistan's 1st International Social Media Summit on 10th and 11th June - Karachi


 Network! Pakistan's 1st International Social Media Summit

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We're thrilled to announce to announce Network!!: Pakistan's 1st International Social Media Summit which will be hosting international blogger panelists and digital media experts alongside several key local faces from the Pakistani new media space. You will receive venue details when your participation becomes confirmed. The summit will be hosted across two days with an evening with the panelists to open the summit on the 10th of June in Karachi followed by a full day event on the 11th of June in Karachi.
Three exciting sessions in the morning of the 11th, on Education & Good Governance: Going DigitalWomen & Social Activism in the New Media Era, and Monetizing your Social Media Space, will be followed by several breakout workshops throughout the afternoon. The idea of the summit is to enable a collective gathering of people from the Pakistani Blogosphere and how to enable them as well as understand better on bringing about a positive change through social media.
Joining us for the sessions will be, Ong Hock Chaun from Malaysia, Hanny K. and Nonandita P. from Indonesia, Rebecca Chiao and Mohamed El Dahshan from Egypt.
Participation is limited and there are some travel stipends available (by Air/Rail) for out of city attendees.
This is the first time a summit of this size is being arranged in Pakistan and such an exciting international delegation of Panelists is visiting the country and we sincerely hope that we can all help make this a more frequent interaction. As always, we'd make a sincere request for you to please demonstrate the best Pakistani hospitality and insights possible. 

Time is extremely short and we'd appreciate if you could please revert back to us at the earliest. Event registration team from PC World Pakistan will be contacting you once you register, until the day of the event, hence it is imperative that we speak with you before you are confirmed.
For RSVP or questions, you can email: events@pcworldpakistan.com

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Shahzad Afzal

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