Apr 23, 2012

Air Crash 2012 - Bhoja Air Flight 213

Bhoja Air Flight 213 (B4-213) was a domestic scheduled passenger flight operated by the Pakistani airline Bhoja Air. On 20 April 2012, the Boeing 737-236 aircraft, flying from Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, crashed in bad weather during its approach to Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad. All 121 passengers and six crew aboard were killed in the crash.
Accident summary
Date20 April 2012
TypeUnder investigation
SiteIslamabad, Pakistan
33°35′15″N 73°08′55″ECoordinates33°35′15″N 73°08′55″E
Fatalities127 (all)
Aircraft typeBoeing 737–236
OperatorBhoja Air
Tail numberAP-BKC
Flight originJinnah International Airport,Karachi
DestinationBenazir Bhutto International Airport

There many controversial stories about the Airline and Plane. It is said it was 27 years old plane. There were no proper maintenance of the Airplane .

M. Farouk Omar Bhoja is the owner of airline and retains 5% shares, whereas controlling 40% shares are held by M. Arshad Jalil and 15% shares are held by various others. 

The aircraft was more than 27 years old. It is unknown at this point whether the age of the aircraft may have contributed to the crash. The owner of the aircraft, Bhoja Air, had suspended operations until recently due to financial problems. Pakistani officials have promised a full investigation and Farooq Bhoja, the owner of Bhoja Air, has been put on the exit control list, meaning he may not leave the country while the criminal investigation is underway.

A very beautiful poem dedicated to Air Crash Victims

ٹکڑے ٹکڑے عمروں کی مسکان پڑی تھی
جان بدن سے دور کہیں انجان پڑی تھی
کسی کی آنکھوں میں پتھرائی حیرانی تھی
کہیں کہیں کوئی آنکھ بہت سنسان پڑی تھی
ایک طرف اک پرس پڑا تھا گڑیا کا
ایک طرف اک گڈے کی بنیان پڑی تھی
پتی پتی پھول ہوا میں بکھر گئے تھے
اور زمیں پہ جھلسی ہوئی پہچان پڑی تھی
کس چوڑی میں کس کے ہاتھوں کا ریشم تھا
کس جوتے میں کن پیروں کی شان پڑی تھی
کوئی جگر تھا، کوئی کلیجہ اپنی ماں کا
کس تابوت میں جانے کس کی جان پڑی تھی
(فاضل جمیلی)

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