Jun 12, 2012

Culture Japan with Danny Choo - Animation Festival Malaysia

It was awesome time spent with Danny Choo. He came to Malaysia for Animation Festival Asia Malaysia (#AFAMY) held on 9th, 10 Jun 2012 at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. After AFAMY he decided to organized an informal get together for his fans on 11th January at Pavilion. Where he met every one individually, loved to meet and to talk him. Some cosplay were also presented by his fans. 

See the pictures and details 

There he is.... shouting loud and sweet :)

Ah her Mirai... I wanted to marry her <3

Nice Cosplay she was cute like her daughter 

The sweet cosplay of Culture Night Japan. She is from Singapore and her name is Esther Koh. Also have name card of her will update soon. She is on Twitter also follow her @BarbiePink

Cute pose with  Esther Koh

Esther Koh.with her sweet sword  

Hassan and her girlfriend Esther Koh.

Ah sweet.. introducing my self... and getting Autograph from DannyChoo

Thank you  DannyChoo and congrats on hosting such a colorful night

Another transformer type of cosplay...

I'm gonna kill him

Sweet daughter don't know where is her mother but she is dangerous holding knives 

Ah so sweet... but fishy fishy :p

Hassan  was responsible to kill the costume characters I think he was Kekup.. sorry if wrong name could not find his Name card 

Culture Japan 

 DannyChoo special both for fans to take pictures 

Another Mirai was spotted at show 

After a while Hassan  got a new girlfriend 

hahahah... nothing man just.. hahaha Hassan  what you say?

Hassan went straight to Danny and asked him who are you?

Another cute cosplay girl... but she don't have twitter or facebook... what how come?

And I found mine :p

Sharam kar... bhabi haai teri :p

ohhh the great "Athra" he was lucky number 181 and won a Goodies bag 

With  Danny's wife.. forgot her name... but she is very nice like Danny

Akiko Wolf she is very cute trust me... her name is Wolf, she is from Malaysia :p

Hassan is this a cosplay? :p

What was that? I don't know... and I did't even asked him to have picture with us.. hehehe just kidding :p

Met a Malaysian guy Sadli Soulflame he is freelance photographer, sorry dude I could not find you on Facebook. 

And this time Hassan is busted :D

Dato Jimmy Choo, Danny Choo's father

VVIP of Cosplay... displaying his office costume :)

Oh man.. you almost killed him :p

Sweet Chinese babies acting like the costume man

Twins? Sho shaweet...

Cute Chinese babies were very happy to see them

Two cute Mirais 

Hassan asked him to hold his Sword but he said its fragile 

Final group photo with DannyChoo Esther Koh Akiko Wolf and all others 

Japanese suite but she is Chinese works in Tokyo Street Pavilion, Kulala Lumpur  

DannyChoo 's cars :)

Hassan Entrance Pass 

Mine entrance pass, I was too close to the lucky draw.. 314 was the winner... 

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  1. Ohhh Myy Goddd Danny Choo ,,, I always admire his creations .....did he give you any of his masterpiece....


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