Jun 4, 2012

What happens when Plane Crashes in Nigeria - Killing 153

This is really sad to hear about the Plane Crash in Nigeria, killing 153 on board. But what Nigerians are doing see the below pics.

Nigerian's first thought about the plane crash... "Where the hell is my Mobile with Camera". Take out your camera and starting filming burning bodies, plane wreckage and even try to have nice ride of plane's broken wings?

I have nothing to say WTH is this? See the pics

Aha fire is still there wow... cool video for YouTube :)

There are hundards of reporters present on crash site...  reporting live to their girl friends...about the burning people.... ahhhhh

Whoola.... finally I ride the plane. Oh let me take my shirt off..... 

I am Richard reporting live from crash seen with Nokia  1110 mobile you can burning bodies in very High Definition. 

"Hey I managed sneak into the burning house...!!!"

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