Feb 27, 2013

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Website Hacked

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan website was hacked by bunch of UAE hackers this Tuesday, February 26, 2013. But after few hours of hacking Pakistan Cyber Army claimed it back.

UAE hackers named themselves "Gh()sT HAXOR- BOZZERROR"  left a message

"Never Touch UAE ./Web or Cyber or We Will Burn Every Web On Your Server"

After above incident Pakistan Cyber Army announced site to be Restored. But infect they did not restore the website they Left their own message :)

and kind of hacked again....

Pakistan Cyber Army are self announced free security provider to Pakistani websites, in return they need a footer asking for back link "linkback on your footer saying Secured By Pakistan Cyber Army".

I am still confused that may be "Pakistan Cyber Army" themselves hack a website leave some unknown hackers message and claim it back with name of Pakistan Cyber Army. 

Any one knows about Pakistan Cyber Army?


  1. PCA did not hack it its hackers from uAe they had access to HRCP and still they have it ,

    These hackers are very famous and strong group they are just loyal to their country and support what's right ,

    PcA hackers olden days were very good once like Zombie_KsA hack for a cause now khantastic and some noobs have been spoiling the name :)

    It seems they are Bozzerror who have don't It and I see many defaces of Bozzerror with PCA members too means they are friends together eh?

    Ghosth4x0r is a sql'ier hacker cool.

  2. Bozzerror is from Al ain - he comes every year and hack one big website sometimes government sites and expose reality and shut downs again he used to visit my forum he is just 19 or 20 small . He was insane at Pakistani cyber hackers because these were the cause of cyber war everytime hes nice boy I gave him too my all 0day exploits to hack


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