Feb 18, 2015

BuzzFeed India editor Rega Jha draws ire on Twitter for Pakistanis are 'hotter' than 'ugly' Indians remark

Did 23 year old editor Rega jha tried to create a cold war between two nations by her tweets? Or she is trying to describe her career in future? It can’t be her personal opinion because both neighbor countries have same cultural values except religion and suppose if she tweeted against Norwegians or Russians that these countries were better looking than our country. That can be considered as opinion even it’s not right way. When we talk about Pakistan and Indians we are not easily identified as an Indian or Pakistani but a Punjabi and south Indians can be identifiable due to difference in cultures. It’s just a random line between both countries but we both share the same cultural values and if an Indian and Pakistani dresses similar and doesn’t speak, nobody will get to know the country differences.  
It’s not only this but we both are similar regarding the bride selection of their sons or brother, they always want bride with her fair, tall, slim, long haired and also when share the same history of our country and we have same food and culture too. Also we have same culture of having joint families and considering fairness as beauty.  Both countries compare gorapan as part of success through their ads of fairness creams by our media stars Shahrukh and Zubaida Appa and also Aamina Sheikh and Nandita Das managed with their dusky complexions. Hotness comparison of jha was ridiculous because comparing Shahrukh or Fawad, Kareena or Mahira is wrong because both have their international standing. Comparing both countries is like comparing Norwegians and French or Somalis and Liberians. We are basically the same somehow. 

It was simply her publicity stunt. Both countries share much more than just celebrities and a love for cricket.

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