Feb 24, 2015

Geek chic: Bookworms bring their A-game to eye wear at LLF 2015

Okay fine, I admit it: I usually wear contact lenses but on the days I want to up my intelligence quotient, like on presentation days, I break out my glasses. Gone are the days when wearing glasses would mean you were going to be bullied!

Wearing Glasses is been a very old fashioned which is still been exploring and also models are using it in ramps also with thick frames for Marc Jacobs, Ashish Gupta and Sabyasachi Mukherjee and others. It seems the trend will never end. Even Pakistani models are using stylish frames too and recently we saw celebrities wearing glasses in Lahore literature festival. Frames can help out round faces people so that their faces can look longer or add curves to an angular face and wayfarers go with all faces. People can use glasses in a different way. Like Bilal tanveer was wearing chunky black frame in the trail of his first Novel. Glasses with different color in which red makes you different and it look amazing to wear them. Or if you're mood courageous, you can wear two colored, example white and black wayfarers with a funky beaded chain and other colors by making contrast. Big round glasses are also a modern come close to a typical style John Lennon. You can go the modest way and wears a steel, half-rimmed frame. I should give Lahori fashion confidence men more credit. The bold glasses trend gives informal apparel a luxe come to in finish and people attending LLF be in possession of this game a spokesperson at Lifestyle Collection says that girls and boys like to choose mostly to wear metal border brown chunky wayfarers when they come to us to buy glasses. He also said that girls particularly come them for cat eye frames and it ha become more then fashion now like people like to wear watches and sunglasses never the less their vision is perfectly alright.

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