Feb 13, 2015

Imran khan took oath to send Altaf Hussein to the court

Two titans of the Pakistani political parties have come face to face in the arena of verbal war. The out spoken man of the country, Imran khan took the vow of fair action against Altaf Hussein is getting popularity in media especially in social media. Speaking at conference Imran khan said that PTI will no longer perform in any forum that included MQM. “We will take Altaf Hussein to court in London”, he further added. The time has come for the people to stand up against this terrorism, ’Imran khan told in the conference. He also said that PM has to take action against serious crimes of MQM.

He blamed MQM sector in charge for involvement in the murder of PTI leader Zahra Shahid. The MQM had denied the Rangers ‘ Baldia town fire case and also denied crises in the May 12,2007 slaying in Karachi. MQM at 90 held their conference after the statement of Imran khan by Haider Abbas Rizvi the MQM’s strong spokesperson and gave the reaction on the comment that PTI is only a political party which never condemned Taliban, their terrorist activities and never even supported any action taken against them. He also said that Imran Khan should not create a glass house around him as Altaf Hussein is not alone; he has hundreds of thousands of supporters and followers with him. 

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