Feb 12, 2015

Saudi TV anchor fired for not being pretty, sues the channel

A female Saudi television presenter has sued an Arab satellite channel for what she claims was discrimination and breach of contract after being fired on the first day of her job for not being deemed pretty enough to appear on screen, the Gulf News reported.

With a court in Riyadh due to hear the case, the woman claims that when she reported for work at the station, her boss told her that she could not appear on TV because her looks were not good enough.

The yet-to-be-identified presenter claims she had been contracted by the Arab satellite channel in Riyadh.

The presenter further alleged that the director had been rude to her, abused her verbally and categorically refused to allow her on screen.

She was, however, offered off-screen positions including work as a secretary or assistant to the news team, but the presenter refused them. The director then sacked her.

The presenter claimed that her contract did not stipulate a probationary period which would allow for her dismissal.

Last month, it was reported that female television presenters in Saudi Arabia had been told to cover up by wearing the traditional black abaya cloak, adds the Daily Mail.

Noora Al Adwan, a female member of the Shura Council, had demanded that a dress code be implemented for all Saudi women working in private television stations backed by Saudi Arabia.

She had proposed fines of up to SR 10 million (£1.7 m) for those who violate the code.
While the proposal was initially endorsed it was later withdrawn on because it had failed to define the national dress.

Originally published in ExpressTribune

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