Feb 12, 2015

Who will manage your Facebook account after you die

Facebook is giving users control over what happens to their accounts when they die.

The social network introduced a new feature (Today) Thursday that allows users to designate a specific friend who will be able to access their account after they die.

The feature, called legacy contact, appears in Facebook's security settings menu. There, you can select a specific Facebook friend who will be able to control certain aspects of your page, like your profile and header image, after you die. Alternatively, users can opt to have their account deleted after they pass away.

Facebook is also making changes to the appearance of these memorialized accounts, which will now have a "remembering" label before the name to let others know it's an account of someone who has since passed away.

The goal, according to Facebook product manager Vanessa Callison-Burch, is to make it more which accounts have been memorialized and provide a way for friends and family to manage their loved one's accounts.
Originally published in mashable

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