Mar 7, 2015

Indian Lynch Mob beaten alleged rapist to death

Indian women had faced rape and insecurity from so long and this seems now the people have lost their trust on justice system.

After so many cases of rape in different cities of India, now people cannot bear their women insecure in society so rather than they wait for the judiciary or police to take action; they themselves gave punishment to the alleged culprit.

A day before; in Dimapur; 35 years old man was alleged of raping a college going girl many times in month of February and was caught by Police. The alleged man was not declared convicted yet when a lynch mob tore down the gates of jail, where he was kept. It overpowered security at the Central Jail in the city of Dimapur and grabbed the man who apparently raped a female student multiple times last month.

'A mass protest rally against the rape was held at Dimapur this morning after which students and angry people forced into the district jail and managed to pull out the accused,' the Press Trust of India news agency said.

It's said they also set fire to homes and shops in an area where the suspect ran his business. The horrific crowd were furious over sexual violence and they did not wait the court to declare him convicted. India also banned a documentary in which a rapist admitted he raped the girl and he is not ashamed of it.

This also outraged the people and they found the authorities non serious in resolving sexual harassment issues. The controversy got worldwide reaction but this act of local people; taking justice into their hands is also not acceptable.

Anyone can accuse and if people will adopt such behavior then how would state provide them justice, whilst it will cause more troubles. On the contrary, state should not delay justice to restore people’s trust on judiciary. If they’ll provide justice as soon as people, the rage will be lessen and any man would think twice while raping any girl or woman.

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