Mar 4, 2015

Indian Rapist showed no regret for his act

Indian capital Delhi is facing the biggest issue of women security from past few years. In 2012 a student was raped, beaten mercilessly and then died. The culprits were caught and are in jail. A member of the Indian gang who raped Jyoti on a bus has expressed no regret over his actions.

A UK film maker was making a documentary on Jyoti, Mukesh Singh told the filmmaker that Jyoti Singh would be alive today if she stayed silent and didn't put up a fight. Leslee Udwin spent 16 hours interviewing Singh in prison for the film, called India's Daughter, in which Singh expresses "no regret for one second", said Ms Udwin, this shocked her.

"In fact, the reaction was opposite. Mukesh's attitude is, 'why are they making a fuss about us, everybody's doing it." Which shows that raping has become a normal thing happening in India? The attackers lured the woman and a friend into a bus they had taken out for a joyride.

They beat the friend and took turns raping the woman who was 23 years old and died from internal injuries; due to being penetrated with a rod.

Singh is also quoted in the film saying: "a girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy," as well as "a decent girl won't roam around at 9 o'clock at night." The four men who were convicted and sentenced to death for the crimes are now appealing their sentences.

While Indian authorities ordered television stations not to broadcast that documentary, in which one of the attackers blames the victim and says she could have avoided being killed if she had not fought back, a government official said.

This seems the dual standards and government’s inability to counter rape in country and now they are trying to hide it from banning the documentary. This erupted  outrageous reaction from India and outside country.

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