Mar 2, 2015


Being a smart phone lover, I really got excited by the news of launch of Moto E phone, because everyone got his or her eyes stuck on the launch of the new premium phones which are expected to be introduced in Barcelone coming week; Motorola plans to launch its new Moto before the MWC event. Other key players of the industry like HTC and Samsung are also focused on the event which is going to take place today.

The question that comes to one’s my mind is, how can a brand attract attention to itself when an event like this is about to take place? Well! Motorola has it all planned, they are all geared up to actually answered the question this Wednesday by introducing their new E Moto phone. The unveiling ceremony was done in style, the audience were the journalists. What did Moto do? Well what they did was that they shipped their gadget in a cardboard box which looked like an actual press conference, we witnessed that the box which gave the feel of an actual press conference taking place, you could see a desk, a welcoming desk actually (it was a picture though), you could also see Mr. President Rick Osterloh (the cutout cardboard version of course) standing in front of seating audience on a stage himself.

Now you must be wondering what else did the package include, we are about to explain that too, the package includes a press badge with my name in complete as if I have been attending the conference too, not just the badge but it also said something; it said “ Today, we are doing something different. You probably have enough events and press conference to sit around next week, so we’re bringing this launch directly to you”.

Though I can’t say about the phone as I have not tried it yet, but the way it was launched it was surely attention grabbing. It was a pretty good effort at PR. Not just eye grabbing but also innovative.

Well! I am sure you would like to know about the features of the phone after hearing so much about the innovative style, so here are the highlights, the processor is quadcore and it connects via 4G LTE networks, and even more it also has the latest android software “lollipop” the latest mobile operating system, the screen is larger than the last version, the display is 4.5 inches. It’s actually larger than the first generation Moto E. another good thing about the gadget is that they have upgraded the memory from 4 GB to 8 GB and coming to the SD card it now supports 32 GB micro SD.  When I tested its front facing camera it turned out to be a VGA, this was not there in the original one before so the device is seriously upgraded. The pictures taken indoors came out pretty good. The colors available in the phone range to white and black but hey you can dress them in colorful bands too. Thinking about the cost? Well its $149.99.

Overall the phone seems pretty decent and looks like it’s going to be a hit.

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