Mar 1, 2015

Islamabad Police asking for bribe to get baggage clearance at Islamabad International Airport

This is how our Police treats overseas Pakistanis at airport. In this 2:51 second video a Pakistan passenger at Islamabad International Airport whether leaving or just arrived its not clear from video. But its very clear this white beard police man asking for a bribe to get baggage clearance.

He promises passenger that he will not open bag if he give them money "چائے پانی", this video clearly shows how much tight security we have at our airports. Just give them money and you can bring or take any thing in your luggage they will not touch it.

This video is very clear and this man can be identified. But guess what will happen? he will be suspended for few months and some one else will be taking his responsibility of taking bribe from passengers. It will continue until he is back again.

This video also shows that he is not alone all others policemen on duty with him are also involved because they will get the share at the end.

Watch on Dailymotion:

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We should demand authorities to take proper action take this man to court.

If you know this man in the video or have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

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