Mar 28, 2015

Nervy win of Australia tingled Indians, Asia lost WC 2015

It was the final battle of India for World cup but unfortunately they lost the match badly and Australian Kangaroos jumped to the finals. While Indians not only faced defeat we saw many other emotions as well.

The most trending issue was Kohli and Anushka during, as Kohli failed to give good performance; twitteratis blamed Anishka for his bad day. The social media blamed and shamed both the stars, in the meanwhile Ganguly got into this fight and saved Anushka by saying that why she has to be blamed? She has done nothing wrong. Even in my point of view she was to cheer her love but not to distract him and if India loses it’s not her fault.

“What wrong Anushka has done? She had only gone to see a cricket match like the families of other players. It is unfair to blame her for Kohli’s performance. It is the immaturity of people (criticizing Anushka),” said the former Indian team captain Saurav Ganguly.

Another obtrusive behavior which I have witnessed today on social media, was that Pakistani’s were divided into two groups. Yesterday Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarrar retweeted about bringing the cup in Asian country and many Pakistanis second her opinion that even if Pakistan is unable to get into finals, our sympathies and prayers are with Indians because we belong to same region.

On the contrary the Facebook was full of the posts hoping for India’s defeat and Aussies win. It depicts that a large number of people were divided into two mindsets. One believed that the cup should come into any of the Asian country and even if it is India we don’t mind and they debonairly accepted their expected win. The other group was completely scornful about India and they were hankering for India’s defeat. And many distributed sweets if their circle for celebrating India’s defeat.

So these are the two behavioral drawbacks of the match today which were widely seen and experienced. I believe that defeat is part of game as well, but striking in someone’s personal life is morally wrong. The love birds were criticized and slammed too much on social media. The other side of picture could be this that Aussies are brilliantly too good that is why they have been winning since many years.

Snapping Anushka or celebrating for India’s defeat could no good to anyone but the narrows minds are unable to understand this.

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