Mar 28, 2015

Superlative Bride vs. Realist Perfect Brides

I have been thinking what the criterion is for a perfect bride; since I have grown up nitty-gritty for a perfect bride were tall like a Date tree, fair complexion like milk, shiny teeth like pearls, dumb like cow, active like ant, long hair like snake and the list goes on.

The mentality of a patriarchal society has not been changed even after getting education. The latest demand of a suitor is a woman who is educated, younger than him, immensely pretty and some prefer a working lady. Along these demands they also want a tall girl with fair complexion and even if she is not of good conduct who cares, she is pretty and that’s it for them. They will be mesmerized with her looks regardless of knowing how scurrilous she is. 

Recently came across a person who was lonely, lost his parents but seeking a wife who is a working lady and tall, it wonders me that men nowadays don’t wish for a caring and loving wife but seek a pretty bride regardless of the fact that what she lacks in her nature. Mostly men desire a wife who is thought perfect but their definition of perfect wife is quite complicated.

Here are some nitty-gritty of a superlative bride and a real perfect bride.

Fair Vs. Unfair:

A girl whose complexion is like moon is symbol of producing fair children, well who cares she brought up rude and manner less kids. On the contrary if a girl has tan, dusky or dark dusky complexion but is a Lady in real terms will never be preferred because they doubt on their son’s genes and want beautiful grandchildren.

Tall vs. Short:

The most desirable girls are those who have good heights over the girls who are short. Obviously a short girl can be only of good conduct or nature but she cannot clean Fans, ceilings and walls by herself without any help. How can one afford to buy stools for wife, rather he bring a wife who is substitute of a ladder and stool.

Working vs. Non-working:

It was a mindset that women working in offices are of bad morale. Obviously a girl who has explored every bit of this cruel world will be more aggressive, spontaneous and confident about her decisions. While a girl who spends her time at home will have lesser social contacts and will only spend day watching soups with full of family politics and unrealistic novels. They can do no help to their husband when in the time if need because they are so sensitive and dumb. A working woman is more brave, responsible and groomed as compare to a girl who has not seen outer world.

Hijabis vs. Modern girls:

Another most desired bride is the one who is Hijabi and pretends all the time as she is the last from the dynasty of most noble family on the earth. She avoids to talk na-mehram (apparently) and covers her hair all the time. She is chosen over the girl who does not covers her head, talk to men but that conversation is constructive, she is confident of herself that she is not crossing her limits. Well even then a man loves to talk such a woman but not to marry her because they love hypocrite women.

This is the nature’s rule that men are attracted towards beautiful women rather than good women and they judge her from their appearance. Even education cannot teach men of our times that a perfect bride is she who can comfort them and take care of them. Even if she is dusky, short or spontaneous but if she is of good nature and conduct she can raise your off-springs in a desirable way. Men should see what kind of mother they want for their kids not what kind of wife they want for exhibitive purposes.

Try to have realist approach and prove that education has done some good to our society. This does not mean that a tall, hijabi, less educated or home sitting girl will prove to be a bad wife but a girl who is vice versa to her can be a good wife as well. It is injustice to abhor such girls to make them your life partner.

Look at one’s capacity of heart not the shape of her.

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