Apr 26, 2015

Android literally 'Urinated' on Apple

We have seen fans of Android and iPhone worldwide but this debate never ended because advancement of technologies. The Android vs iPhone debate became a lot more intense recently when an image of Bugdroid (the mascot of Android) urinating on the Apple logo was found in Google Maps.

This is literally a news for android and iPhone lovers. Someone got beyond the limits and made a cartoon of Bugdroid pissing on apple logo.

The image has since been removed from Maps, among the most-visited websites in the world, by Google.

A Google user looking for a location near Rawalpindi, Pakistan found the image below when he came across the coordinates 33°30'52.5"N 73°03'33.2"E.

The image soon went viral on the internet, with many internet users posting about it on Twitter and Facebook.

It is, however, still not known who is behind the image, but many consider it to be the work of an Android fan boy who probably inserted the image in Google Maps using the Map Maker tool.

It has gone viral and many has posted it on their social media. We are waiting what comes next.

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