Apr 26, 2015

Progressive Rights Activist Sabeen Mahmud silenced

Sabeen was considered the bravest women of Pakistan who not only talked about freedom of expression but also gave such platform for those who can speak freely and express their ideas.

But unfortunately this voice is silenced now. Pakistani newspaper reported that Sabeen Mahmud was leaving the T2F offices with her mother sometime after 9pm on Friday evening. She was on her way home when she was shot, the paper reports.

This is the last photograph on her Instagram, a snapshot from a meetup about human rights tweeted just two hours ago, right before her murder.

She died on her way to the hospital. Doctors said they retrieved five bullets from her body, which has now been shifted Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. Her mother also sustained bullet wounds and is currently being treated at a hospital; she is said to be in critical condition.

T2F had on Friday organised a talk on Balochistan: 'Unsilencing Balochistan Take 2: In Conversation with Mama Qadeer, Farzana Baloch & Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur.' Sabeen had left T2F after attending the session, when she was targeted.

Her mother is not out of risk. Sabeen's murder case is filed under terrorist act.

T2F, described as a community space for open dialogue, was Sabeen's brainchild.

Conceived as a bookstore and cafĂ© patterned after the old coffeehouse culture of Lahore and Karachi, The Second Floor — or T2F — says on its website that it was born out of a desire to enact transformational change in urban Pakistani society.

The whole Pakistan mourns on this incident. It was said in a research lately that ‘Activists’ are in danger and specifically in this area of region i.e. Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. Now we have witnessed that activists in Pakistan are having a vulnerable life and if they speak what is truth, they will be silenced like Sabeen and many more.

Here are here few Instagram posts.

She loved her Cat a lot.
A photo posted by Sabeen Mahmud (@neebas) on

A session at T2F
Source: tweetedInstagram

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