Apr 26, 2015

Hazara community under threat now, extremist groups kidnapping people

A wave of kidnappings followed by numerous beheading of members of Afghanistan’s Hazara ethnic group have spread alarm and anger among a people who historically have been this country’s most persecuted.

The police in Ghazni Province confirmed Sunday that four Hazara farmers kidnapped by the Taliban had been found beheaded in Ajristan District. Six more Hazaras from Daikundi Province who had been kidnapped by unknown assailants were also found dead, dumped in Ajristan, less than a week after their families began searching for them, officials confirmed on Monday.

Although the police have not yet recovered the bodies, local reports said they, too, had been beheaded.

Beheading is not normally a Taliban tactic, but the insurgents seem to be trying to make an ugly example of the Hazaras, in what some see as a bid for attention.

“The Taliban are trying to send out a new message that they are similar in their brutality to ISIS,” said Shahgul Rezaye, a Hazara Member of Parliament, referring to Islamic State extremists from Iraq and Syria, who reportedly have been trying to recruit supporters in Afghanistan. “They’re trying to show they are as bad as ISIS.”

It seems that Taliban fears of being degraded and now they are trying to tell that they are equally terrible and brutal. By targeting Hazara community they are trying to get back into the A list of terrorists but this is causing great harm to the Hazara community and Afghanistan. This community face genocide in Pakistan as well and in this game of ISIS and Taliban they will suffer most, New York Time reported.

Responding to the public pressure, President Ashraf Ghani invited relatives of the 31 missing men to attend his weekly National Security Council meeting last Wednesday, but they left dissatisfied.

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