Apr 3, 2015

Losing weight may also cause you being sad

If you have bulks of fat and you think losing them will make you feel good then go ahead. Some people just go across the board for weight losing and the reason is that positive perception shown on media. In every morning show they are suggesting weight loss tips and diets. Everybody does not have same body type and all of these tips do not fit in their routines.

People usually think losing weight will give you happiness and some also get it; ­but there are few who does not get any kind of happiness out of this whole process. Scientists found relation between mental illness and weight loss.

A 2014 University College London study based on population data, found Britons who lost at least 5 per cent of their body weight were significantly worse off psychologically at a follow-up assessment than those who maintained their weight.

Speaking about his own 60-pound weight loss, the researcher writes "I suffered through injuries and fatigue as I lost weight, all the while isolating myself from friends and family. My running routine and calorie-watching bordered on obsessive and unhealthy."

"And even once I had dropped down to 160 lbs., from a maximum of 226 lbs., my throat clenched with dread and worry if the number on the scale rose by a pound or two. Yet people I knew saw me as an inspiration, an uplifting example of willpower."

Population studies, where researchers look through the medical records of people who have lost weight to see if there is any correlation between weight loss and mental illness, often support the idea that weight loss can negatively affect a person's mood, while clinical weight loss trials, where weight loss is interventionist in nature and occurs within a clinical environment, tend to be less conclusive.

When someone is restricting their kilojoule intake and losing weight it causes changes in the brain which leads to increases in their stress hormones, as well as increases in the amount of dynorphins their brain produces.

The doctors say if you start feeling any kind of sadness during weight loss process go for exercising only. It is the thing which will always keep your weight under control and keep you happy as well. Sometimes weight loss not only put in you in physical dangers but in mental situations as well.

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