Apr 9, 2015

Samsung S6 and S6 Edge is "Unbendable", company fights the Bendgate

A still from SquareTrade’s Galaxy S6 bend test.
Apple faced a lot of criticism because of the iPhone 6 Plus bend-gate last year; and companies like Samsung had deride the weakness of the phone by using their own devices to test durability.

It seems Karma has returned to bite Samsung and the company is struggling with a SquareTrade report where the latest Galaxy S6 Edge is seen bending under pressure. Undoubtedly an “Oops” moment for Galaxy Company or we may also way you sow what you seed.

Since the posting of the report, the South Korean Tech giant is receiving a lot of criticism and as a move to rubbish all the claims, Samsung has released a video demonstrating a three point bend test on both, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

The company has also posted on its official blogpost claiming that the tests conducted by SquareTrade was not fair as 110 pounds of pressure is a rarely occurring situation. The company said that it is confident that its devices won't bend in daily life situations. the key distinction was that the Galaxy S6 Edge’s unique curved screen also smashed under 110 pounds of pressure, whereas the iPhone 6 Plus’ didn’t.

With smart phone manufacturers adopting bigger screen sizes and super-slim profiles for their phones, bending devices have become a thing and major companies are struggling to create a balance of strength and beauty with their flagship devices.

Though the people on internet troll and buffoon the company’s weakness but on the contrary we may see better results in upcoming devices.

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