Apr 9, 2015

Starbucks increases higher education program reimbursement

Starbucks Coffee had a student tuition fee reimbursement program which after seeing it’s success has planned to expand it.

They just announced a commitment of up to $250 million to ensure that each of its U.S. employees, whether full or part-time, can go to four years of college and graduate without any tuition debt.

Originally, students starting out as freshmen and sophomores in Starbucks’ program were given a partial scholarship and need-based financial aid, while juniors and seniors received full tuition reimbursement for any out-of-pocket tuition costs. Upon graduation, employees do not have an obligation to stay with the coffee chain.

The Seattle-based company has already (since June) been offering tuition coverage but until now has limited it to juniors and seniors. Starbucks is now expanding the program so that all eligible part-time or full-time can apply for and complete all four years of a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s generally well-regarded online degree program.

Under the expanded plan, all eligible Starbucks employees can apply to have all four years of their tuition covered by the company and ASU.

Starbucks spokesperson Laurel Harper says that some 2,000 Starbucks partners are already enrolled in the program, and that the expansion announced today means the company is going to invest up to $250 million or possibly more to help at least 25,000 partners graduate by 2025.

It is potentially a positive decision for both corporate culture and customer service. This would not only give employers a chance to move on while on the other hand the Starbucks could have educated staff whom they can utilize on their other fields of work as well. This scholarship program will benefit them.

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