May 1, 2015

Beware, spacecraft expected to hit earth next week

Hurtling spacecraft is uncontrolled and expected to do crash landing.
A Russian cargo ship laden with 6,000 pounds of food, fuel and other supplies destined for the International Space Station ran into trouble a few hours after its launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan Tuesday.

The NASA has said that space station has enough of food and can wait for the next round. Scientists have warned that a Russian spaceship is uncontrollably hurtling towards Earth at the speeds of 16,000mph and could crash land next week.

The Daily Star reported a space official confirmed that the descending supply capsule had nowhere else to go, and uncontrollable reactions had clearly started. The 7m-long Progress 59 cargo carrier is carrying 3 tons of goods and had lost control after having a system malfunction in orbit.

Thomas Reiter, director of human spaceflight and operations at the European Space Agency, has said they were trying and hoping to bring down the spaceship into the Pacific Ocean to avoid any debris falling on firm terrain.

The former astronaut said that if wasn't controlled, it could fall within a week, or at most one and a half weeks.

World is already facing climate change destructions, we have seen quake results in Nepal and heavy rains in Peshawar took so many lives. If the uncontrolled space craft falls in a densely populated area it can do great harm to humanity.

Source: Blaze

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