Jun 20, 2015

Meera to get fame by singing English Song

We all have seen many events when Lollywood star Meera ji had be struggling to talk in English and getting stuck on many English words. Apart from that she has done many new things like "Kon banega Meera Pati" and many different ventures to add her into fame

English songs are kind of new trend in our society and those who can sing them get applauded. Justin bebes who broke the internet by singing Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”.

It is revealed now that Meera ji got inspired from her and going to try her talent in English singing. Sooner we are going to hear something astonishing from meera ji and God know what that would be like.

Sources close to Meera, revealed that actress has recorded a video during her trip to the United States. Due to that video, Meera was inspired to record an English song.

Meera had also stated in the recent past that she aspired to act in Hollywood and that her recent visit to the United States had aided her in speaking fluent English.

If that earns fame for her like super model Ayyan Ali got from her English Debut or she will get more criticism like her previous venture, we are waiting...

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