Jun 24, 2015

No proceedings against Ayyan, FBR stopped from legal action

FBR warned not to initiate any cases against super model. Who can be behind it?

Ayyan Ali convicted of money laundering case has got new turn. She has been in limelight from so many days and finally her case got new move. Reportedly, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has been stopped from initiating legal proceedings against model Ayyan Ali for dodging taxes.

According to national media newspaper, a source said that the FBR had prepared a case against the model under section A-192 of Income Tax Ordinance for hiding income and other taxes running into millions of rupees.

Under the section, concealing income or providing wrong information on income is a punishable offence with a sentence of two years or fine or both.

A top official of the FBR said that it has no interest in supporting non-tax payers including Ayyan. If act of non-payment of tax was proved before a special judge under the relevant section, legal proceedings will be launched against her at every cost, the official said.

Though Ayyan is holding a national tax number, she has never filed her income tax return. The model owns a flat in Karachi, which she purchased in September, 2011.

She maintains an account in a local bank in Karachi and has deposited around Rs 4 million in the bank account. She also has a double cabin vehicle costing Rs 1.5 million. She holds UEA business visa and has set up a company, AFZE, in Jabal Ali Free trade zone in Dubai.

Hence it is proven that beauty can win against the beasts and so can our super model. May be you might be thinking who is that force behind Ayyan and protecting her from getting into more fuss. Indeed the person whose money Ayyan was laundering but the name is not revealed yet.

Link related to blog: Daily Times

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