Jun 10, 2015

Pakistan condemns Indian PM's statement on parliamentary level

In Modi's recent visit to Bangladesh he admits Indian forces' indulgence in Bangladesh's war of Independence.
A day before what Indian PM Narendra Modi confessed about Indian military’s assistance with Mukti Bahni, a strong reaction from Pakistan came after hours. In this regard the Pakistan Prime Minister's Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz stepped upp with a speech in senate session.

Addressing Senate, Aziz said Islamabad has already taken "strong notice" of Prime Minister Modi's statement "acknowledging" India's "intervention" in events of 1971.

"Pakistan will take all possible steps to expose India's role in the breakup of East Pakistan in 1971 and its threat to destabilize Pakistan through terrorism," he said.

Aziz also urged the international community and the UN to take notice of the India's "open admission" of indulging in subversive activities to destabilize Pakistan.

Aziz said Modi's statement vindicates Pakistan's stand over India's present and past policies to destabilize it.

While Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) on Wednesday tabled a resolution in Punjab Assembly condemning Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s confession to have played a role in East Pakistan’s separation.

The resolution was submitted by Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Aslam Iqbal which stated that Narendra Modi’s assertion regarding India’s role in making East Pakistan into Bangladesh is a challenge for international community, therefore; the government should at once speak out against India in front of the world unveiling its real face.

The resolution also demanded the federal government to establish a national action plan against India while taking the national leadership into confidence immediately.

The national media and political parties came together for this cause and want international community to take action against India. While Indian media reports it as allegations on India. The statement delivered by Modi is to souring the ties between Pakistan and Bangladesh, while we still do not have very good relations with Bangladesh as Haseena Wajid’s response delivers.

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