Jun 10, 2015

Say no to “Nose Job”, Iranian Women protest in an innovative way

Iranian Women protest in their own way and say no to "Nose Job" for them as they believe on natural and real beauty rather then having a fake one,

What defines beauty of a woman? May be for now it is the media and cosmetic industry who determine which face feature is determined to be enhanced this season. As in south Asia we see a trend of bigger and pulpy lips are very much in nowadays and we see lip job exceeding its limits. 

As in Iran the trend of nose job is increasing. The issue is not limited to nose jobs. At some point, “wide eyes” became popular in Japan. In Malaysia, all kinds of skin-whitening creams are popular. A certain “hegemonic,” “standardized” and “normalized” look is promoted throughout the media and cosmetic industry’s interests cannot be neglected in this. 

It’s not surprising that Tehran has come to be known as the “nose job” capital of the world. Why does this eagerness for cosmetic surgery and for changing one’s appearance exist in Iran?

It has been said that the “culture industry” makes decisions about the appearance of the masses. “Beauty” has been reduced to certain clichés for all, even on an international scale. 

Women face certain kind of pressures both from society and the fake standards set by media. In this regard a Facebook page called “Iranian Women Up Close” ha started a movement as a protest against this nose job culture exceeding in Tehran. They asked women to post their pictures of original nose which can tell that they do not need a cosmetic surgery to look beautiful. The unusual call sent out by page administration was followed by many women who posted their pictures and questioned the certain definition of beauty. 

The post "Pictures of My Real Nose" as a way to their protest.

We have seen many cases of accidental surgeries which gave hideous results that women suffered from these cosmetic surgeries. We wish to see a bigger movement in this regard.

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