Jul 1, 2015

Daily/Monthly Expense Managment Excel Sheet

You must have read or heard successful people urging others to keep a personal budget plan for every week or month and have a track of one's expenditures. Undoubtedly, it's not just a very good habit to do so but it also assists you to save and spend for the valuable targets in your life.

I've developed a very simple-to-use excel spreadsheet to do this. Please read my post about this and download it. 

I do have a plan to implement soon for putting this idea online and also exposing it through Android or iOS client application for users to save their expenses on the go

Please feel free to comment and suggest anything you'd like me to add in this report and email to you the customized version. If in case you've messed up your report at any point and you want me to have a look at it please drop in a comment and send me the report so I can correct it and send it back to you with a proper description of what went wrong. 

Good Luck managing your expenses!

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