Jul 9, 2015

Komal felt the heat of her selfie

Selfie fever has taken new heights worldwide. Everybody wants to be an early bird to post their selfie portrait on social media and get appraised. some got severe accidents and some lost their lives juts for a single click. 

The thing which cannot be denied that social media become bit harsh and it comes to slam someone and want to tell your opinion or either criticism. There is a study that says that people get to harsh or rude while commenting or criticizing people on social media which also breaks some one hearts.

Unique and better selfie portraits are everybody's wish but how to get them . Well some people think out of the box and find awkward situations to take their selfies and post them to get more likes and followers.

Pop Pakistani Singer " The Bao Jee Girl" Komal Rizvi felt the heat of her idiotic selfie and claiming that she did the right thing as it was her right to celebrate a meeting with a celebrity. 

Recently, philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi got admitted in hospital for ill health. Many celebrities not only visited him but also had photo sessions which they posted on social media. One photo which raged the people was when Komal Rizvi posted a photo smiling and dropping her hair on ill Edhi, lying half conscious in hospital.

This reminded me of a man who took a selfie on his uncle's funeral in Sri Lanka and posted it on Facebook , this evoked a campaign to tell people that every moment is not a selfie moment.

Komal gt slammed by FB users and got harsh comments. In reply to those comments she posted that photo again and said that she was super excited to see Edhi sb and his family allowed her to take photo. we Sang, laughed and chatted about so many things while if we see those photos which she posted, edhi sb is seen weak and half conscious, except one photograph in which he is sitting on bed for a group photo.

Question here is to tell people who will decide what situation is right to take a selfie portrait and what is not? Everyone taking photographs should realize that every moment is not a selfie moment or if we visit someone to wish him good health, we cannot stand on his head and smile and take selfies for our fame.

She was widely criticized and the criticizers not only slammed her with words but with hilarious memes, which may roll you down and at some places her intervening head looked so real that you might believe she was there.

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