Jul 9, 2015

Facebook goes feminist, subtle change in friends icon

Throughout the world we see women getting empowered and for the sake of this purpose only our society can take initiative. 

Brands and social media websites are doing much for this purpose and here we saw a new initiative taken by the biggest social media website ever.Facebook has made a subtle change to the "Friends" icon that appears at the top-right of its homepage, bringing the woman in the image in front of the man, The Verge reports.

Facebook design manager Caitlin Winner explains in a Medium post that the change was brought about after she noticed that while the man in the icon in the Facebook stylebook — or "glyph"— was symmetrical (except for his spiked hairdo,) the lady "had a little chip in her shoulder."

Then Winner encountered another problem: "In comparison to the new lady, the old man icon seemed stiff and outdated." So she then set about smoothing down his hair and adding a slight slope to his shoulders.

In updating the man, she also noticed there were many places on Facebook where a single male figure is used to represent an action — such as the "add friend" icon — so she drew a female single silhouette too.

The next issue to tackle was the size and order of the female silhouette in the "Friends" icon.

Winner says the new male and female silhouettes have already been shipped out for desktop, and appropriate male and female icons are now designated in the new profile creation process.

You may have not noticed it but these slight changes in icons matter a lot. Many apprenticed this new change in icon on social media.It's also being hailed as a small, 32px small, to be precise, victory for feminism.

Link related to blog: Binsider

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  1. i want to know keh kya ummera ahmad aur nimrah ahmad behnain hai ya phir yeh itifaq hai keh in ke sir name similar hain????


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