Aug 8, 2015

Child abuse scandal lurched Pakistan, tremendous reaction seen on social media

photo courtesy: Nation

The society demands for quick justice in the biggest ever child abuse scandal of Pakistan.
A Pakistan daily " The Nation" broke the story of biggest child abuse scandal in Punjab. Which not only grabbed nation's attention but world wide response on this awful moment.

The police discovered approximately 400 videos recording of more than 280 children being forced to have sex. Mostly victims were under 14 years while a 6 years old boy was also seen in the video. Other than that a 10 year old school girl was filmed being molsted by a 14 year old boy.

In Qasur district the saddened event took place, where a pornography gang filmed those children having homosexual act or sex, they were brutally abused, beaten and forced to do this. The videos were sold for 50 rupees, while a mother told national media, she paid 6 lac rupees for removing his son in the footage.

Those are not seen in the videos, their families are blackmailed by these molesters and grab huge amounts in return. The mother mother i saw that video, it was shameful and disgusting.

The news grabbed national and international attention. It is being called of that PML (N) MPA is allegedly involved in this. Child abuse is rampant in Pakistan; but this disgusting act on such a massive level proved that child rights are being damaged in our society on vast level.

A child's innocence and grace is sold for 50 rupees. One of the police sources told that main culprit being released for giving 5 million bribe. Victims' parents had been asking for justice but they were not even being allowed to persecute. The clash between police and protesters was telecast on TV Channels. 

The issue broke the internet. Social media become the voice of normal people who condemned this act in hot words. Some ask for military courts to take action against the culprits and give justice to the victims' families.

In this time when we are unable to protect our children may be it is only us who can save them from being molested and abused. The nation demands quick action from government and Supreme Court, but no sou-motto has been taken yet. 

It is also said that those videos were sold for high prices to foreign customers. Well the moment a child is abused and his respect is sold for 50 rupees, and those who buy such stuff, we are unable to price a human being and his value. A moment of silence for humanity and a loads of curses for  those who were part of this scandal.

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