Aug 7, 2015

A word of appreciation for utilizing Naseebo Laal's talent

Pakistan has no less talent than other. It is just how we use and present them before world. Singer from Punjab Naseebo Laal has been recognized for her strong vocals and accurate punjabi accent. She also gave very hit numbers but many vulgar ones as well.

Once Naseebo was asked in a morning show interview that why she sang such vulgar song while she has such a good voice. In reply she said that I have nothing to do, the composers and music directors ask me to sing those lyrics. The innocence in her talk depicted that being a less educated person, she is unable to deny the opportunities which comes her way.

Recently a video was floating on social media, with Sarmad Qadeer's name, when i heard of it I was actually shock. Sarmad made Naseebo to sing for her medley. I am not sure about Sarmad but Naseebo was phenomenal in this medley. From very start she sang on high pitch that might jolt you that is she the really that one? Sarmad was not too good but Naseebo really nailed it.

He actually chose bollywood track from movie Anjana Anjani which Naseebo sang very well, but along her Sarmad sounded on very low pitch.Good thing is he tried to bring forward her talent in a positive way.  The video got viral on social media and many people praised Sarmad for giving a chance to Naseebo for a commendable performance.


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