Sep 17, 2015

Many disliked the dislike button after announcement by Facebook, here is why!!!

How would someone translate meanings out of the dislike notification, i bet it's weird to digest the fact you are being disliked in many uncertain situations.
What if you actually does not like somebody’s post and you wished there was a dislike button on Facebook just to tell that you have no liking for that particular post, comment or photo. I wished it so many times, and I'm sure so many of us did as well.

Seeing the other side of picture, there is some sad or bad news shared by a friend; and you have no choice but to like the post. E.g. someone shared the news of his beloved's death or accident or a stolen purse, and in answer you like the post. Well that's kind of absurd but we all do that.

The news is now a new button for disliking the posts on Facebook is coming on our way sooner. Mark Zuckerberg has finally confirmed that Facebook is working on something akin to a "dislike" button that will allow its users to acknowledge users' posts with just a click, but without appearing to approve of said post.

When asked at a Q&A session about whether the social network might follow up 2010's "like" button with a dislike, Zuckerberg confirmed that the company was "working on it".

However, he also suggested the button, when it is released, might not be called "dislike". "People aren't looking for the ability to down vote people's posts, what they really want is to be able to express empathy... We have an idea that we think we'll be ready to test soon and depending on how that does we'll be ready to roll it out more broadly."

The purported button could have several alternatives to "dislike" that allow users to empathize with a status or photo but without showing disapproval.

I am restless, because I can see how people tend to misunderstandings on the world of social media, because of ironical meanings. I can sense that many of us would not understand what does the dislike button did to their posts and I am pretty sure that many of us will have cat fights, arguments or even hot words among each other. 

Few days back a recording was viral in Pakistan and India, in which a man calls to someone and kept on telling him “ Aap humein bilkul pasand nhi aye”( means we did not like you at all), though the recording was very hilarious and told us what a person feels when he is disliked by someone. We are waiting for some more studies regarding social media and the dislike button which is to be introduced sooner and see what behavioral changes it will bring to so many of us who are not good in bringing out the under cover meanings.

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