Nov 26, 2015

Swiss region to ban full face veil, demands up to £6.5k fine

One of the Swiss states has decided to ban Burqa after the Paris attacks.

AS per details, a Swiss state has voted to fine those who wear a burqa in public. The fine would be 10,000 francs (£6.5k) which were decided in a referendum.

Ticino, an Italian-speaking canton, around two in three people voted in favor of the ban on the burqa. Many Muslim women and tourists wear it in public, in 2013.

Now the law is soon to come into force and those who break it will face a fine ranging from 100 francs to 10,000.

Not only citizens but the tourists also have to obey this law. Last year approximately 40,000 tourists came from the Middle East there. Visitors in Ticino will be informed at the border that it is unlawful in the canton to hide your face.

Security measures were put in place during the parliamentary session on the ban and a metal detective device was temporarily installed to screen those entering the building.

The Ticino law was inspired by a similar French ban, which was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights in 2014.

The law was highly criticized in other countries, esp. Muslim countries. Many demand freedom of living in Europe. The Muslim women are considered to face the barbarianism and remain always under criticism, as per western thought. While in many Muslim countries women wear it by choice, esp. when they are living abroad.

Any such law is derogatory for those who have to living in pluralistic society.

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