Nov 17, 2011

Imran Khan a last chance?

Imran Khan hope of a young generation of Pakistan? This is the question every Pakistani is asking. They know this is the last chance for him, last chance for Pakistan, last chance for the young generation which makes 74% of total population (20-40 years of age). He showed he strength in recent Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakstan, Lahore where more than 100,000 supporters gathered to support him

Although it was a very large gathering but still question is are we ready to accept the change?

Now Imran Kahn has announced to make a similar Jalsa in Karachi on 27 Nov 2011. He Has already started his campaign "Chalo Chalo Ghotaki Chalo". Let see how Karachin responses to his call.

But still this is message for the think tanks on Pakistan, public is fed up now. They need a change. Insha Allah whether Imran Khan or any one else, but this time we need a change.

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