Mar 6, 2015

Indian festival of colors Holi celebrated in Pakistan

Indian festival of colors, Holi, celebrated in Pakistan as well. Not only Pak Hindu community but people belonging to other religions also took part in eve.

A ceremony took place in Krishna Mandir of Lahore, where Hindu families came and did their religious worshipping; later on the youngsters and old all enjoyed Holi and played with colors and colored water. They used water balloons and water guns to hit each other.

Children in streets also became part of the event regardless of knowing it’s not celebrated in Muslim families. Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharef greet Pak Hindus on festival of Holi. In his Holi message, Mr. Sharif also said that all communities are entitled to equal rights and privileges in Pakistan.

He said it has always been one of the cardinal principles of his government to safeguard and protect the rights of minorities as the government’s policies were geared towards creating greater harmony and cohesion among people of all faiths.

Holi is a colorful occasion and in this situation when terrorism has abandoned our entertainment, we need such events to revive the spirit of camaraderie.

For the first time ever, Indian widows also celebrated Holi, this tells a lot. The changing minds are overcoming the stereo types and orthodox ones. We are all humans living in pluralistic society; and celebrating each other’s eves will eliminate our difference.

A large number of Hindus migrated back to India from Pakistan and a small number is living in Punjab, whereas Sindh and Baluchistan has communities settled there, who celebrated eve of Holi with full swing.

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