Mar 6, 2015

PML- N clean sweeps in Senate Elections

Elections for Senate of Pakistan held today. Unofficial results reveal that PML- N clean sweeps elections as well. Rumors of horse trading were hot issue in this election and many proves of horse trading were showed as well.

As many as 11 Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidates today won the Senate election from Punjab, while at least two from Islamabad.

PML-N won all 11 seats of Punjab in the Senate. Raja Zaharul Haq won the technocrat seat while Professor Sajid Meer won cleric seat. Begum Najma Hameed and Ayesha Raza won the election on women seats.

On the general seats, PML-N’s Mushahidullah Khan, Pervez Rashid and Chaudhry Tanvir won. Other PML-N members who won the election include General (r) Abdul Qayyum, Ghous Khan Niazi, Saleem Raza and Syed Nehal Hashmi.

At least 315 votes were cast in the Punjab Assembly by PML-N and allies, while as many as 20 votes by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and allies. Moreover, PML-N has won as many as two federation seats. Iqbal Zafar Jhagra and Raheela Magasi won the election in Islamabad.

Magasi said that she thanks Allah Almighty for PML-N’s success in the elections. Jhagra said that there is democracy in the country and not dictatorship.

While in a statement, PML N leader Hamza Shahbaz said, we tried to eliminate horse trading. Hamza said that PML-N tried its level best to bring transparency in the system, strengthen democracy and ensure supremacy of the constitution. While opposition in Punjab Assembly accused of Horse trading.

The final results are not declared yet but as per media reports Horse trading was done on large scale and some also accused Imran Khan of selling senate election ticket worth rupees 1.5 million.

Pakistan and people are have high hopes from the emerging political party and believe that till next general election scenario will be changed and they will see transparent, efficient and people centered government.

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