Mar 9, 2015

Horse and Cattle Show added more life in Lahore

In this time when Pakistan is having beautiful weather at the same time colorful events of National Horse and Cattle Show added more in the beauty of weather and Lahore.

The four days Horse and Cattle show concluded here today. A large number of people reached Fortress Stadium, Jillani Park and Qaddafi stadium to see the show and enjoy events of last day night due to which the stadium was jam-packed.

Due to heavy rain fall in Lahore, the Lahorites did not even stop to enjoy and have fun day even in rain.

What is good about the event is masses belonging to all classes were gathered and brought their families into show while government of Punjab gave free transportation facility from all over Lahore to the venue.

In this time when people are living hand to mouth, they are unable to enjoy the festivities of life but such event which are free and have open entry give chance to all the masses for enjoyment.

Huge crowds were seen in and people showed interest in watching our traditional Horse and Cattle show which has been part of our culture.

A special Peace show prepared by Punjab Sports Board and ISPR in the background of terrorist incident at Army Public School was liked by the audience and they appreciated the children participating tableaus of peace show.

Fireworks, tent pegging, folk music, horse and camel dances amused people and weather doubled the fun. With little chilly weather the Lahorites had fun and hope such events come more than once in a year.

Lahore is known as the city of life, art and culture while in such beautiful weather even the common man enjoyed being a Lahorite. The traditional festivals are life of Lahore and even if terrorism does not stop people will not stop having fun and living their lives. The event was hosted after 11 years and people from all over Pakistan came.

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