Mar 9, 2015

International Women’s day celebrated, government failed to protect women

I am a woman and it makes no difference to the society I live in. I suffer along so many women the same challenges, the same insecurities and same inequality. What my government is doing? Announcing packages to mark its efforts of International Women’s day and by spending heavy amounts advertising that how they are protecting us. In reality the advertisements published in all the leading dailies are pretty much awesome with the glowing pink color scheme but they seem fake. The fool’s world, if I believe I’ll be saved if harassed or I’ll get a job because my quota increased.

Anyone who sees those advertisements would believe that women are living a good life here but I doubt these are not the real stories. As my memory tells me such kind of package was given in 2012 as well but we see no difference in condition of women working in office or in a factory.

What government does, effects no women either educated or uneducated. Women belonging to every class suffer from peer pressures, domestic violence, and inequality on social and professional grounds. Son preference is also the issue because of which many innocent souls remain unborn.

In Saudi Arabia, that barbaric society lashed a women for being raped rather than punishing the rapist. Last year an Iranian young girl was given capital punishment because she saved herself from being raped and killed the rapist instead while defending herself. What do we expect from such societies who still think that evil is caused by women? Indian rapist claimed women provoke evil things happen to them.

We are living in 21st century, where the honor still belongs to men only so they kill women to save their honor. The progressed countries pay lesser to their female employees as compared to male employees. The women are sold, raped, killed and beaten to death because they are weak and dependent. They are easiest target to take revenge.

Even the B Town divas or Hollywood stars suffer from such dilemma. They are presented as an eye catching commodity and they are paid less than male stars. No one is spared here. The women on top or the women working as laborer.

I am not hopeless, I am not disappointed yet. If we compare this decade from past few decades a large number of women come out and work in offices, malls, shops, schools, colleges and hospitals etc. The number can be doubled or more, if we teach our sons to behave like a noble man rather than only telling our daughters to behave like a lady. If one woman can raise a Real Man who protects a woman around her and give her respect rather than seeing her as a Thing I bet on it by next decade we can see the difference.

Stop just advertising about the laws or cells you made, do something about the women who suffer from harassment, violence and other problems. This earth can be a good place for women if the Men try to make it. May be this is the reason God made him superior to women, so that he can protect her rather than tear her apart.

There are still so many women fighting for their rights and trying to make this place a better place for women and I wish they succeed. Empowering women will not make men powerless.

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