Oct 23, 2015

"Mol" is conventional story of unconventional Love

Our drama industry is doing very well and we cannot deny that Pakistani dramas has been hit all over these years here and abroad.

Hum TV gives quality entertainment to viewers but now I see a bit lacking potential of doing this, but still they are producing original and good content for people who love Hum TV and their dramas

Drama serial “Mol” was an unconventional love trio, and I must say it was really very different from all other love stories which we usually watch in all prime time drama serials. It was more of a social and romance oriented drama.

Shahryar was an Assistant Commissioner, the only child of their rich parents, an eligible bachelor, who is very much popular and in demand all around. He is truly a gentleman, apparently. Sajjal, his baby cousin, soon to be his bride, has dreamt to be Shahryar’s wife since her childhood and all family members badly want these two to get married.

In the meanwhile, Shahryar got posted to Sukkur, where he meant that small town girl Eman, who is headstrong, ambitious and very much independent. That is what made Shahryar fall for her, and after so much rebel he got married to her. 

This is not a fairy tale indeed, after few days of marriage Shahryar told Eman he was not actually in love with her, but he liked her personality. He was not a believer of delusional love thing and he can’t believe anyone can live in such a fantasy world. That was an Ouch moment for Eman, all her romantic dreams died, and as time started flying, she found Shahryar more headstrong than her. Who does not wants to be thought in her influence and so he started showing his Manly side to her by negating her views.

Unfortunately, Eman found she cannot be a mother, and again she was the one to be blamed for extinction of Shahryar and his family name like dinosaurs extinct and nobody will be able to remember them who that family was. It was satire.

Rohail, the next door neighbor of Eman, had a baby boy, whose mother left the husband and baby for catching her dreams and Eman found a door to escape in face of Shahram. No doubt Eman got taunts of being a loose character woman, because she visits his neighbor’s home quite often and taking care of that baby.

Actually Shahryar was not fond of kids. What he wanted was dominance and he got it by marrying Eman, who was inferior to him in social status, and belonged to a small town. 

Shahryar’s family started pressurizing Eman to agree him on second marriage and there you go, Sajjal and Shahryar got married.

This what happens in our society? If a woman is incapable of giving birth to a child, she is often divorced or her husband marries another woman for that sake of children. Why they cannot just adopt a child? Is it so difficult to adopt a child here in Pakistan, and the reason for not adopting kids is, he is not from our bloodline.

So in the end the two wives live happily ever after together? Or they end up finding that Shahryar is the one who is incapable of being a father.

The reason why I called it an unconventional love trio, because at one point of time, Sajjal felt Shahryar is doing wrong with Eman. He does not even love her, he suppresses her all the time and now he bringing another wife for the sake of an offspring.

What I learnt from this drama, that whatever the problems are, only the woman will be scapegoat in every situation. They say women are weak, but in my point of view they are the strongest because they have to bear all the burden, find the solution, proof their selves capable of get through in any situation.

The main cast of dram serial “Mol” consist Faisal Qureshi, Naveen Waqar, Iqra Aziz, Ismat Zaidi, Nadeem Baig, ZQ, Adnan Jafri and so one. The story was written by Amina Mufti. All the dramas Amina Mufti has written, you would find them more society oriented and women fighting against the odd laws of society and proving themselves as super women in the end by handling the situation. Just like Eman did.

The message is given in a good way, that submission is not the solution so is the rebellion. Women must try to understand their potential otherwise they will be suppressed through the ages and nothing will change for them.

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