Nov 30, 2015

H&O services are determined to change the fate of blue collar employees

Technology has changed our lives and the way we use to live. One example of such brilliant new way of offering services to make life better is H&O services. They are working hard to close the gap between demand makers and the services suppliers
Most of us need help in our routine life for home or offices etc. H&O services are new in town and bringing the helpers closer to those who need them most. H&O Services is a blue collar worker’s placement business entity which is devoted to resolving the issue of unemployment, non-reliability and security existing in the Pakistani blue collar market regarding workers in the different areas.

What H&O Services do?

H&O services is a social enterprise cum business entity which is designated to address daily life common problems most people face at their homes. They are dedicated to training, managing and verifying semi-skilled labor in Pakistan for giving them better standards both in living and at working. In essence, they connect households with reliable and trustworthy drivers, helpers and cooks.

This social business has witnessed PKR 2.5 million in investment and has created lots of jobs for blue collar market.

The Minds behind H&O:

25 years old Mudassar Sharif after graduating from LUMS thought to do something worthy for his people. The team consists Mudassar Sharif, founder and CEO, Muhammad Ashfaq, field manager, Maham Ejaz, marketing manager and Nawaz, business development manager. The board of directors consists entrepreneurs, educationists, and scientists. Which depicts the team is strong and has the dedication to do some good for the people. He told that his mentor was having a startup named Kamata Pakistan, and when we bring this idea to him, he guided the team at his fullest to make this dream become a reality.

Team H&O not only provides hassle free hiring but also give basic health allowance, training to enhance efficiency, health insurance and help in child’s education to their registered workers. 

The Mission:

Mudassar’s vision is to improve our society with technology and innovation. In a conversation with PakistanProbe, Mudassar told that this project was officially launched a year ago, but they got an overwhelming response.

The Social Innovation Lab incubate says H&O services is not just a website but a whole company with staff and field workers. Blue collar workers are very much in demand and people are searching them on the internet, it was his idea to pop up in this situation and make the demand maker meet suppliers through their mediation.

He added that supply side is pretty challenging. Workers are not eligible to use technologies but the demand makers can and that’s where we connect these both.

The Recruitment Process:

Mr. Sharif told that we recruit domestic helpers by field search and have contacts with some NGOs too, which help us in placing unemployed people on jobs.

They have registered 600 workers from different areas of Pakistan but are providing services in Lahore only. Out of 250 interviewed people matching with the demand of the customers, they have placed almost 75 people on jobs. 

He also told us that in a year more than 500 people contacted them while the number is increasing day by day.

Being a social enterprise, H&O services keep in mind the other social factors as well. The company has collaborated with an NGO Dastak, and lawyers too, for handling any unwanted situation. 

Mudassar says, “We do not promote child labor at all and if workers have children then we convince them to send kids for education. H&O find government schools in their locality and provide the basic and necessary things which school is not providing.”

The company has also made a strategy to counter domestic violence or women abuse though no such case was seen till now. They have charted a whole plan for making workers safe.

“We understand our responsibility, and stay in touch with workers. We highlight the violence and try our best to keep worker and employer happy. The company is also trying to register with Punjab Labor Department so that workers can get more benefits out of it.” Mr. Sharif added. 

He further said, “We are too much occupied in Lahore, and giving services in posh areas only. People usually find us expensive and we prefer giving more salary to the workers. People support us in this cause and willing to pay those workers more. Our business model is different that is why people prefer us.”

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