Dec 28, 2015

The tale of Power Puff Women

The modern day society is obsessed to be tagged with brands, big, small or even medium. They want to have everything branded for making their self more worthy and esteemed. People have forgotten the difference of attachment vs loyalty with a particular brand.
We see many emerging new brands in Pakistan, especially in the fashion industry. Day to day they are rising more with a bigger fan following, but something horrible is happening around which they are unable to see.
Rather than creating an emotional attachment to their particular brand, they are making people, esp. women addicted to their products. What's wrong with that? Indeed, one cannot find anything wrong about it but the recent incidents happening in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi proved a vicious mentality of buying Sale items by hook or by crook. 
The outlets turn into battlefield and women became a warrior. Those who use to flaunt the class and their education, bent to the lowest levels and not only showed the stronger side of them by snatching clothes and having cat fights but made the sale mania craze stronger than ever.
The branded clothes went on sale every year, twice or thrice in 12 months, but few brands are very reluctant to sell their clothes in meager sales. That is why when they announced the 2 days special sales, whole female population gathered at the outlets and showed the desperateness for mere clothes.
I am myself a huge fan of sale but the thing which astounded me, women have become emotionally vulnerable to buy those branded clothes for less price that they can even fight, bite, yell, snatch and misbehave in public while forgetting the Lady side of them.
On Black Friday Sales, we saw a catfight in Sapphire, a newly opened retail outlet of women clothes, which got world attention and was viral not only in Pakistan but in Britain, America and other parts of the world as well. The mirror published the news under Weird news section, which might be not a good thing.
Sapphire is not the trend setter and I am lucky enough to witness such great rush of women in Khaadi Store last year followed by this year as well. When the stocks end, women become furious and even pleaded other women to give them the dress for a bit more price because they have came so far and do not want to go empty handed.
Recently a similar video went viral of a Karachi-based designer outlet Agha Noor who announced flat 50% off in respect of celebrating their anniversary, which was more repulsive than the former ones. The huge mob of women broke the outlet door, many fallen on the floor, many lost their phones, purses and even dupattas, which can be seen clearly in the video. 
I just ask myself one question whenever to see women degrading themselves like this. Do they even have any idea the brand owners make very few clothes for themselves and believe that buying too many clothes is wastage of money? Do these women have any idea that they are representing a frustrated and desperate picture of Pakistani women dying to buy a Kurta in sale which might not even be of their size, because they can't even ask the staff for their size, and if they somehow manage to ask there won't be any left, might be they have picked up the wrong piece in haste.
Here are two suggestions, either these brands should stop announcing such sales or have massive sales, several times in a year to fulfill the apetite for more designer clothes. I feel these women who can do anything to buy that Branded Kurta, might not understand that they are portraying a very bad image of themselves and have stooped so low that we cannot even teach them. This must be stopped here otherwise it will turn into a cultre which would be very degrading for all of us. This not only happens in Pakistan but in worldwide but seeing the misery of Pakistani women the brand owners must do something for their loyal customers rather than insulting and humiliating them like this.

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