Jun 28, 2015

"50 States of Gay" is land of homosexual love

The need of hour is to diagnose what are the factors which lead people to get indulge with same genders rather than humiliating them for what they love. One must prevent it by curing the mentality not suppressing. 

The biggest news for America this week might be the pride for all or equality for all is when the Supreme Court legalize the right to marry the person you love i.e. same sex marriage.

Following the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States, Twitter was a-flurry with millions of tweets celebrating the decision.

While multiple hashtags were used, ranging from #SCOTUSMarriage to #GayMarriage, the hashtag that successfully broke the Internet was #LoveWins.

The hashtag was used almost 5.5 million times in 24 hours, according to Topsy, a social analytics site. It also remained in Twitter's top global trends throughout the day, as celebrities, activists, even the president used #LoveWins to celebrate the Court's decision.

Overall, there were over 10 million tweets about the Supreme Court decision, between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Friday, according to Twitter.

This also occurred as a war between the people of other conservative countries who are against it,

Social media got trended with in and against this law while we saw a huge number of rainbow display picture on social media accounts. 

The same sex marriage is not allowed in any religion but even then a large number of homosexuals live around us, some declare and some don’t. It is only a matter of fact these such marriages in USA are inevitable while in some other countries such couples are seen in a handful of quantity.

There is need to understand that what urges these youngsters to get attracted towards their same sex and to educate them the law of nature rather than disgusting them for their feelings of love. One cannot sabotage the feelings but can suppress it, which is not the solution.
This is a truth which prevails in our societies and it cannot be denied.

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